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Bid Response Preparation

An organization’s success depends on having profitable projects and more repeat business. Most of the company’s large part of business is sourced from bid response and is the main source of revenue. Therefore for every company it is essential that they meet the demand of participation in tendering process. Accuracy of bid response preparation is therefore very important to win large projects.

At Pristdel, we have more than decades of experience in dealing with large projects from government bodies including Multilateral Funded Projects or from private agencies. Our service for the preparation of offers facilities our client to participate on maximum number of tender despite of close schedule. The backbone of any response is well documented offer complying with all the requirements of the tender/bid.

Bid response involves a specific approach with text and graphics that reflect the understanding and concurrent compliance of your company with the tender criteria. Precisely it is important to highlight your company credentials, product/services features and approach to the Evaluation Committee that your company turns to be the best in terms of fulfilling requirements and should be the preferred option.

In order for your participation to the tender to be effective, your response needs to emphasize the credibility of your company and also describe the factors that distinguish you from other participants. We at Pristdel follow a very methodical approach to prepare bid response where all the sections are dealt with utmost care in compliance with bid requirements.

Following are the key components of our services.

  • 1. All the mandatory requirements in the tender documents will be addressed
  • 2. Precise table of contents (ToC) is prepared according to Tender prerequisites
  • 3. A Table of Compliance in accordance with the criteria of the tender
  • 4. Preparation of response addressing technical part of the tender -the objective, scope, approach and methodology, similar experience, key resources, company profiles with a clear and concise content, flowchart, diagrams and tables. Presenting and highlight the distinctive advantages of the Participant, using comparative tables wherever applicable.
  • 5. Precise work plan, project schedule, project management plan etc
  • 6. Proper compliance with legal and financial requirement.
  • 7. Clear description of service offering thus indicates participant’s understanding of the requirement which enhances the chance of scoring more in evaluation process. Our effort, therefore focused initially to score maximum by fulfilling all the compliance and through clear response
  • 8. In financial bid response preparation is crucial in terms of maintaining completive costing yet winnable and profitable price, hence, we do a very minute detailing of the whole project cycle – from inception to successful closure of the project. Proper risk management is also significantly considered while cost estimating of the project.

Cost Estimation service is also held separately at Pristdel (at project management stage) and also as a complete bid response preparation process – both technical and financial.

Our detail and organized process maximizes the chance of winning the projects for our client. Having several years of experience we ensure our clientele to prepare a very competitive bid response. Thus at Pristdel using the exact tools, procedures and proficiency we facilitate your chance of participating in more bids and increase the chance of winning the large projects. We have a very competitive team of experts from different domains and all the bid responses are finalized only after the approval of the subject matter experts.

Our Bid Response Preparation service facilitates our clients to participate either in small independent offers, or with the preparation of large, complex tenders.