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GIS based Application

Pristdel provides GIS based application development services including web application and decision support system (DSS). We have expertise in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications for government and private organizations. We develop:

  • Customized desktop applications
  • Web-based GIS application/ DSS
  • Geographic databases

Desktop Applications

We develop customized desktop application which is developed as per the requirement of our clients. These desktop applications can include custom thematic mapping, and geographic editing following complex business rules, market analysis, planning and reporting, regional mapping, project progress tracking and custom reports based on geo-database and business rules.

We also provide services on integrating geographic information and other related data on your existing system. Our desktop applications are having functions such as thematic map creation, selection of database records by location, query based search on existing data – Spatial (vector data) and non-spatial (text data), geo-tagging, reporting, layout creation etc. These desktop based applications are prepared for domains including, Mining & Mineral, Oil & Gas, Land base, Port Information System, Agriculture and Forestry, Transportation System, Urban Development and Planning, Environment, Health & Care, Education & Training etc.

Web Applications

We provide turnkey GIS based web application development services, wherein we developed different module/scenarios and business rules, basis on the database that is to be incorporated in the system for analysis and reporting purpose. Our differentiator is our domain experts who work in close association with our development team to provide them a full insight from domain perspective. They facilitate in providing best scenarios and corresponding business rules along with our application development team, understanding the exact requirement of the client, thus playing the role of a business analyst. We developed role and user based GIS based Web enabled Decision Support System, wherein in organization – government or private, stakeholders are encouraged to use the system for analysis, reporting for data updating etc. The right of use and access is given as per the role. This DSS are used for decision making purposes in different tiers of an organization or across various organizations under a same umbrella, for e.g. different departments under a Ministry.

Geographic database design and development

We provide consulting services for the geographic database creation. We design data format, create geo-data schema that are to be used in geographic applications. We gather the requirement of our client, as in what type of data they want to store in application and subsequently want to analysis using GIS tool/application. Accordingly we collect the data from various sources in the form of report, statistics, maps etc., analyze these to understand their importance in analysis and finally bring them in a single platform creating geo-data schema so that theses data can be uploaded in the application for further analysis, viewing as thematic or graphical form and for reporting. This database is easy to update without disturbing the existing system.

We support all industry standard database formats, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and the most of the geographic file formats. We support data conversion and geographic editing of very large databases (millions of records) such as mining/mineral and/or oil & gas database. We support tagging database records with longitude, latitude, postal code (ZIP Code), legislative districts, and Census FIPS codes and with many other details as per client requirement.