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Project Cost Estimation

At Pristdel the cost estimating service offering aims to facilitate companies in their cost estimating practices, to support the customers to ensure precise project estimation so that they can achieve a competitive rate to win the project. We also extend our service to take care of all estimating activities throughout the entire project life cycle. This helps in monitoring project revenue, profitability etc. Our services of cost approximation is extended to the clientele irrespective of industry and market segments, be it from construction or from extractive industry or from chemical or health sector our experts are efficient to deal with any complexity of the project and can come up with a very competitive estimation.

Key components of the service are as follows.

  • 1. Cost estimation plan thus developed are agreed upon with the client
  • 2. All the activities of the project are delineated and mutually agreed and then the estimation work is initiated
  • 3. We abide by guidelines provided by client for cost estimation purpose
  • 4. Once the estimation is done it will be review and approved by all concerns
  • 5. Uncertainty analysis will be done along with risk mitigation process (if any)
  • 6. We follow formal report format to submit the final costing. Repot will cover all the component separately and there will be master sheet, cash flow sheet, profit sheet and assumption sheet.
  • 7. After review and discussion if required estimation is modify in accordance with client

Cost Management and Estimating

We focus on minimizing the risk and maximizing productivity and value of the project. This is possible to achieve only if a organized and proactive approach is implemented in the process. For effective management of client’s project budget we continuously keep ourselves up-to-date with market conditions so that a realistic and cost effective budget can be provided and maintained throughout the project. We plan, control and manage project cost from inception to successful completion of the project and have a established track record of saving client’s time and money.

Our Cost Management Services Include:

  • 1. Feasibility studies
  • 2. Conceptual estimation
  • 3. Financial plan development
  • 4. Project cost planning
  • 5. Cost estimating & milestone estimates
  • 6. Risk management
  • 7. Market reports and forecasting
  • 8. Pre- and post-bid services
  • 9. Cost control & management throughout project life cycle