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"The telecommunications industry within the sector of information and communication technology is made up of all telecommunications companies and internet service providers and plays the vital role in the development of mobile communications and the information society".

At present due to high competition in the industry and to fulfilling customer satisfaction, technology and services in this industry are changing rapidly. Besides due to transformation towards digital world has made it mandatory for the players to maintain their large volume of legacy data and effective storing and usage of data that is being added every day.

Our services are extended in market research segment and in geospatial/GIS technique. Our solutions assist in network planning, customer profiling and in asset data management very effectively. Our Geospatial Solutions are based on industry leading GIS techniques and enable customer based data analysis, geographic analysis of billing, revenue assessment, decision making and marketing. We also provide Geo data management solution & services. It includes data collection, conversion, organization and data management, seamless data integration in client’s system etc.