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Success Story

Success story #1 E-Commerce solution

The requirement was from Gems and Devine science product and service provide to make an online product sailing provision as well as consultancy service booking options.

Solution we have provided is an online E-Commerce site on php platform, using JAVA and SQL as per the requirement of the client. The system has a framework where different products and services are described with specification, buyer can filter their product search as per different features and can select and buy through on line payment gateway. Products listed have all the necessary details and information to filter as per requirement. There are multiple available for online payment. There are various other features are provided to client, such as buyer can even buy design of ring/pendent for selected gem. They can even choose and provide require size of the ring, metal (gold/white gold/silver/copper/bronze) to be used for preparing ring etc.

Success story #2 E-Web-based application design and development

The requirement was to prepare a solution for Gemological laboratory. The gems are being tested and certified in this organization by different customers; hence the certificate detail should be accessible by customer through the portal.

The solution provided thus incorporates the database related to gem certification. These certificates thus archived and made accessible through the portal from any corner of the world using its specific certificate number. The customer availed the service from this gem laboratory can verify and authenticate the gem and certificate by viewing the certificate online using its specific certificate number.

Success story #3

Client requirement was to provide them consulting service on data management and subsequent application development. Client is from an established real estate sector, to whom, in Phase 1 we have provided consulting services by identifying and analyzing the need. We have assessed the data that need to be incorporated in the system. We have identified business need developed a framework that will best suit to their requirement.

In the second phase (Phase 2) we executed the project, managing and organizing the data, linking all data to their corresponding project. These data were report, map and graphical data. Based on our previous framework we have then developed the data management application using Php, JAVA, SQL.