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Market Research

We provide consulting services in market research which assist our client to take focused decision across various business units. We are committed to supporting our client's requirements by delivering cost and time effective solution.

Pristdel offers wide range of services in market research sector starting from market accessibility to product/solution positioning. We provide exclusive database and detail report on our market research on various industries and government agencies. Our publications/reports are used by many professionals to strategies their business line. We have done extensive market research activities for Gems and Jewelry industries, mining, power & energy, oil & gas, construction industry, hydro power, and many more.

Market Assessment & Feasibility Studies

We facilitate our client with in-depth details of markets in terms of its attractiveness, vitality and constant opportunities. Be it geography based, industry based or product, solution & service based, our market assessment and feasibility reports services are used by many esteem organizations for strategizing their business contour.

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Market Positioning

To initiate a new line of business or to start existing business in a new geography it is important to carry out an in-depth market research. Many factors need to be considered while positioning company in the market such as competitive landscape, opportunity analysis, innovation, entry strategies etc.

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Product Positioning

For marketing strategy product positioning is an essential element. Product positioning is an avenue to understand how to preach the product attributes in the best possible manner in the target market. While determining this it is important to assess customer requirement, competitor’s position, possible communication channel etc.

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Advisory and Consulting

Advisory consulting is a value added service offered by our orgainzation, wherein our consultant from respective domains such as Finance, Legal & Policy development etc work in close association with our clients to fulfill their need. Main services we cover under this offering are

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