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In today’s world protection and conservation of environment is considered to be the most essential factor. Hence before initiating any project where, land, water and air are involved, environmental policy and regulations need to be complied with for successful execution and implementation of the project.

What is the Environmental Consulting Industry?

Environmental consultant industry provides recommendation to governments and private agencies on environmental issues, such as controlling environmental contamination which evokes through various medium. Environmental consultants identify problems and measure to mitigate and evaluate risks and recommend solutions. Environmental consulting extents a wide range of industry, viz., mining, hydropower, construction, waste management etc.

What we do?

We at Pristdel provide IT based consulting in environmental issues. Our services include but not limited to conducting due diligence reports for customers to liberate them of possible sanctions, environmental and socio-economic impact assessment studies which may or may not be at risks due to mining, dam site location selection, due to solid waste disposal, for high level construction etc. We provide detail report basis on market based research supplemented by various maps and statistical data. Our value addition service is GIS based environmental assessment study and report preparation, wherein thematic map and corresponding text data can be viewed and analysed. We also provide solution based services such as Environmental Information System for country/state/region level, wherein all different datasets can be stored, analysed and updated. A few of the areas in which we provide consulting services are:-

  • Environmental assessments
  • Site remediation planning services
  • Site remediation consulting
  • Sustainable development consulting
  • Natural resource management consulting
  • Waste management consulting
  • Specialized environmental consulting services
  • Industry Activities reporting