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RFP Preparation

Request for Proposals (RFP) are the best option and an effective decision making process wherein the competent service providers/ vendors/contractors in terms of technicality and capability can be shortlisted for a project through this multiple folded process. Once the RFP is prepared, floated, responded, evaluated and selection process is completed purchasing conclusion can be made effectively. However, more accurate and specific are the requirements of an RFP more clear response will be received which will facilitate in a smooth execution of the project. Therefore it is important for any organization to strengthen their RFP especially when to be developed for big project. We assist our client in the preparation of RFPs / Terms of Reference (ToR) for inviting different firms to participate in the bid for execution of projects. Our services extended to Government organizations and private sectors. We therefore facilitate our clients requesting bids from others and we deal with the entire solicitation process.

Our service encompasses entire process - starting from development of ToR/RFP in coordination with client’s requirement and then in bid evaluation process till final firm is being identified. Our service does not stop here, our project consultant further gives support to our client to supervise the smooth execution of client’s project, in compliance with all the details documented in the tender document.

We coordinate with the client for the development, completion and floating request for proposals (RFPs) inviting other firms to participate. We provide full supervision in the entire process. We closely interact with concerns departments to develop proposal content that is maintaining high quality and standard in either as per the required format of our client or as per our company standard format. We have decades of experience working with different government organization funding agencies.

We initiate this work step-by step, starting with requirement analyzing and finalization with our client/stakeholders. This would follow the background and objective of the project and the work breakdown structure – this is the guideline for the contractor/participants. This follows creation of the RFP specifications or technical requirements documents (TRD) and the scope/statement of work (SOW) in detail. Next important decisive factor is to define bid-evaluation criteria or selection score.

Other important factors are legal and financial terms which we finalise as per the stakeholder’s company’s norm. RFPs are divided into multiple sections / Annexure, where contractor/participants fulfills all the requirements basis on which scoring is done while evaluation. We facilitate in vendor selection process as an unbiased technical consultant which is the final step of the process including identification, arrangement of vendor’s presentation/ interview, financial negotiation etc.