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Industry Abstracts

This is a value addition service where our experts create meaningful and attractive abstract of the services or product of a company which is being used proficiently for the best marketing practice. Be it in website, newsletter, company profile, blogs, or for conference and presentation, our abstract service aids in highlighting and differentiating client’s service offering among the big pool of competitors. This abstracts are prepared basis on detail research on current industry requirement and the company’s capability. Many aspects are taken into consideration by experts while preparing this abstracts such as how our client’s service and product are differentiated from their competitors, what are the benefits of the service and product (under consideration) over others, quality factor, cost and time effective factors, industry knowledge, acquaintance with geography etc. The methods and approach of this service varies depending on the industry and market. For instance, product based company need to have abstracts displayed along with product with precise abstract which can be readable using different devices such as mobile, tab etc.

We also provide abstracting and indexing services for specialized industry such as education/library, health & care, life sciences, etc.

We also provide services to B2B industry. In this busy life while moving from office to home to other travel and leisure people prefer to utilize this time to surf through information related to product and services, education material etc using different devices at ease. Our abstracts are made crisp and informative and can be browse through all mobile devices, web browsers, PDFs, streaming audio and MP3 files, RSS feeds and podcasts.