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Technical Proposal Writing

Our proposal writing service covers the entire proposal development life cycle and our team is dedicated to assist our client to winning new opportunities and/or execute the project at the best possible methods. Our services are extended to government and private sectors. Our proposal mangers adopt the best practices in development of proposal maintaining production compliant. At Pristdel our expert writers are well versed with both technicality and conceivable writing skills which help in adding value to competitive proposal development.

Our experts brings out very clear and best technical method in the proposal keeping in compliance with client’s production/ development processes. Our experts implement best description, graphic design, flow diagram, project management plan including scheduling and milestones etc to bring exact approach and methodology to the users. From initiation to end our writers work in association with group of subject matter experts – domain specialist, legal expert, finance etc since there are many components to be considered while developing the proposal at the possible framework.

If the solution and methodology is not clearly understood by the buying organization then chances of winning the project is very unlikely, hence to facilitate winning our technical writers work in close association with solution architect, domain specialist, business analyst, graphic designer, editors to make the proposal simple yet technical and to address complex requirement at the best possible simple way so that end users understand the solution at the fullest. This maximizes the chance of winning the project by our client. Not only that our team goes extra miles to highlight and address the unique need of the client by capturing the sale’s and marketing manager’s understanding of the core necessity of the concern client.

We, therefore, cover entire life cycle of proposal development capturing planning to oral coaching to our clientele. Be it a consultancy or feasibility project or robust application development/decision support system development project, our technical proposal delineates each and every steps in a definite manner which ultimately leads to complete the project successfully on time. This approach facilitates our client to win new projects and to maintain a ‘repeat business’ with their esteem clients.