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Construction Industry

The construction industry deals different types of construction sectors including Infrastructure and Real Estate. Infrastructure segment deals with construction related to development and planning activities. These are construction roads, railways, urban infrastructure, power, airports and ports. Whereas Real Estate Sector is segment encompasses Residential, Industrial, Corporate, and Commercial construction.

What we offer? To manage such robust projects effectively on time requires an expertise with organizations and a systematic body of project management. At Pristdel we assist our client to execute their project at ease and seamlessly through our services offering project management. We deploy a hybrid method to analyze and manage the project right from the project conceptualization phase to completion. We use our domain and industry expertise such as geospatial technology to formulate the best applicable method. Our Project Management Consultancy offers one of the effective management solutions to enhance and progress the efficiency and outcome of a project in construction segment. This includes overall planning, monitoring, coordination of a project from inception to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially feasible project limiting within authorized cost and maintaining project schedule and required quality standards.

Other Project management consultancy service, we also provide market research services to understand the need and feasibility to plan and initiate the work. We also cover detail reporting at project conceptualization state to providing detail on feasibility, methods, materials required, terrain overview, socio-economic impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, risk involve and recommendation and tentative cost involve. At Pristdel we also offer enterprise application to for project tracking monitoring and decision making.